11-year-old creates unique mini tractor from ride-on lawnmower

Sigge Lyckebäck, 11, has completed an impressive conversion of a regular ride-on lawnmower into a unique mini tractor. With inspiration from Volvo, Sigge has created a five-speed 8-horsepower tractor with a host of details including cabin heater, colourful LED lights and even a flashing warning light on the roof.

According to an interview by SLA, Sigge Lyckebäck’s mini tractor was completed after months of intensive work. With a fondness for Volvo, which is not surprising considering his parents’ business Lyckebäck bil & motor [Lyckebäck cars & motors], Sigge and his dad converted an old ride-on lawnmower into an impressive mini Volvo BM. The project involved extensive work, including welding, remodelling of the cabin and the addition of various features. The tractor is equipped with a five-speed 8-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine, but Sigge already has plans to upgrade to a more powerful 12-speed engine in the future.

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To make the tractor even more functional and versatile, Sigge is considering installing a grass cutting unit to be able to use it as a real lawnmower. He even has plans to fit a snow plough when the need arises.

With carefully chosen decorations and personal details such as fake fur on the ceiling, Wunder-Baum air fresheners and stickers on the windows, Sigge is proud of his creation. His enthusiasm for the project is clear when he plans to exhibit the tractor at the Hjulafton show in Lidköping during the summer.

Brave New Business had a quick follow-up chat with Sigge:

What was the most fun thing about the build?
“The absolute most fun thing was when the LED lights were installed! But it was also really fun to measure the size of the cabin so it had the correct proportions.”

We’ve heard that you had to keep track of the budget for the project, how did you manage that?
“I had a few bikes that I fixed up and sold. Then I also got a lawnmower that had lots of problems, but I was able to fix it and then sell it at a profit.”

Do you have any more exciting projects in the pipeline?
“The next project is to build a trailer to fit the mini tractor so I can drive my friends around.”

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