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VR suit allows deaf people to experience live music

A new technology is about to change the live music experience for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Using VR suits, a group of innovators at Not Impossible Labs have created a unique opportunity for people with varying levels of hearing loss to experience music through vibrations and touch. This technological advancement offers…


The world’s largest plastic vacuum cleaner will reduce plastic in the oceans by 90%

10 years ago, the young Dutch visionary Boyan Slat, then only 18, founded “The Ocean Cleanup”. Even then, his vision to create the world’s largest […]


Komete is making factories smarter with data collection

Komete has developed an IoT (Internet of Things) platform that offers manufacturing companies the ability to collect, monitor and analyse data about production processes. However, […]


11-year-old creates unique mini tractor from ride-on lawnmower

Sigge Lyckebäck, 11, has completed an impressive conversion of a regular ride-on lawnmower into a unique mini tractor. With inspiration from Volvo, Sigge has created […]


NaturLoop will revolutionise the manufacturing industry with coconuts

Swiss NaturLoop has developed a groundbreaking product and aims to revolutionise the manufacturing industry. Cocoboard® is a 100% bio-based panel made from coconut fibres. With […]


My choice to work in industry

How did I actually end up choosing to take a job in industry? For me it was simple. I was scouted by an employer who […]


Helios Innovations: Evaporation technology for energy efficiency and reduced waste

The tech startup is improving energy efficiency and reducing waste through evaporation technology Helios Innovations is a tech startup that is working to make evaporation […]


Technology, industry and design – the ultimate trio

Technology, industry and design are sectors that are made for each other. Although we wish everyone would want to pursue a career in industry, we […]


A product design that went viral

With a great interest in creating and a Swedish Master’s degree in Industrial Design, Snehan Chakravarthi’s chair, which combines work and rest, went viral at Milano […]


I challenge you to brag!

Bragging. How does it taste? I think that many people are a bit afraid of bragging. But I want to say that it’s really just […]


STEM is everywhere and used by everyone

Eleonora Svanberg is the founder of the association Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which aims to break norms and make the industry […]


Industry means nothing to me!

When I ask the vast majority of people, industry doesn’t mean anything to them. A phenomenon which I think is very exciting considering how aware […]