Minimise risks and prevent errors

In a business where safety, precision and logistics are crucial, it is important to have systems that minimise the risk of human and mechanical error. Furthermore, we consider it self-evident to meet the requirements of our customers and the authorities in respect of certifications for quality and environment.

Consequently, quality and the environment are our top priority. Quality is something that involves the entire company. It is divided into four groups: warehousing, hydromat, NC and administration. We are currently certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and SS-EN ISO 14001.

We have also further developed the 5S-method – Sortera, Systematisera, Städa, Standardisera and Sköta om (Sort, Systematise, Clean Up, Standardise and Care for) – by adding another S – Search. Our business is based on procedures, as well as on everyone actively looking for improvements in production. Essentially, this is about how we manage and use resources in the best possible way.

We also work with a material and production system (Jeeves MPS), which gives an overview of the product flow from order, through production, to final delivery. Production planning, purchase cycles and order management are elements which are all supported by Jeeves MPS. We also offer secure deliveries through EdiCom. The smallest package or largest pallet leaving the warehouse can be tracked and monitored in real time, right up until the goods are signed for.

In addition to these control units, work is also ongoing concerning work environment matters in order to provide the best possible workplace for our staff.