Helios Innovations: Evaporation technology for energy efficiency and reduced waste

The tech startup is improving energy efficiency and reducing waste through evaporation technology

Helios Innovations is a tech startup that is working to make evaporation – one of the world’s most energy demanding processes – more energy efficient. Through their innovative evaporation technology, they are making use of waste heat and purifying industrial process water while also reducing the volumes of waste and energy costs for their customers.

With a mission to make industrial processes more sustainable and energy efficient, the tech startup Helios Innovations is working towards a better future. The founder Jonatan Persson got the idea for the company’s innovative evaporation technology in the winter of 2017, and since then the team has worked hard to develop and verify the technology.

Improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions with Helios Innovations’ evaporation technology

Through its evaporation technology, Helios Innovations can offer industrial customers an opportunity for improved energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and lowered energy costs. By making use of waste heat, they are purifying industrial process water and reducing the volumes of waste.

Helios Innovations took part in the 2022 edition of the Forest Business Accelerator programme, where they collaborated with RISE and found new partnerships which took them further in their work for a more sustainable future. The company has also been selected as one of the 2023 startups by Produktionsänglar, which helps new companies to scale up.

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