Industry means nothing to me!

When I ask the vast majority of people, industry doesn’t mean anything to them. A phenomenon which I think is very exciting considering how aware we are today. If I can speak mainly for my own generation, we have more or less grown up with Google and a smartphone in our hand. Maybe that’s exactly why I think it’s a bit strange that we so often buy into a negative image of industry, straight off the bat, without finding out more ourselves.

To me, it’s clear that opinions and ideas about industry often come from ignorance and prejudice. Prejudices that have often survived from a long time ago. I fully understand that you trust your parents’ judgement. I do too, usually. But I still think it’s funny that those of us who are actually aware of almost everything, and who are just a few clicks away from all the information in the world, don’t make the effort to find out more about industry.

And even though it wasn’t that long ago that our parents, and grandparents, set foot in industry for the first time, a lot has happened since then. Today, industry is a clean and pleasant workplace with a good work environment. And Swedish industry is also among the world leaders in the sector.

Imagine if all children and young people, and adults as well for that matter, could visit a modern Swedish industry themselves. Then I think the impression of industry as a workplace and the perception of a career in the sector would be completely different.

An analogy I like is the one that many people tend to use when describing how clean modern industry actually is. The fact is that in many workplaces you could eat your dinner, in white clothes, sitting on an industrial floor and still not get dirty. And even though it’s not entirely true – because there can be gravel and mucky footprints in even the most modern advertising agency offices as well – I think it says a lot. Industry is not what many people think it is.

Not to mention all the career opportunities that there are in the sector. How many times have we been told that industry is a temporary workplace where you “shouldn’t stay” because there are no development opportunities? At least that’s what I’ve heard, numerous times at that. And I think it says a lot. Because that’s not what industry is. There are plenty of opportunities both nationally and internationally. With the right education, it’s not impossible to get a really good job straight after graduation.

So yes, industry is for me. And it’s for you too. Industry is for everyone who wants to develop and be part of building a competitive Sweden. But just because industry is for everyone doesn’t mean that everyone should work in industry. You should be where you want to be. That goes for us all. But if you’re unsure what you want to do and are curious to explore more career opportunities, then you should check out industry. Because there’s guaranteed a place for you.

~ Industry greetings from Elin. “My name is Elin Elmersson and I’m an industry and technical communicator at the Gnosjö Automatsvarvning manufacturing industry. I’m also an industry blogger at Brave New Business. Come take a look!”

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