In 2015, we took the decision to approach innovation in a new way. The basis for this was that the importance of a continuous process of innovation had increased significantly in the space of a few years. The project which took shape was called Innovationsforum (Innovation Forum) and was a process to which we invited external stakeholders right from the outset. Since then, projects and processes have succeeded one another.

Innovation Race 2018

Over 32 hours, 24 specialists processed ideas led by Innovation Plant. The mission was to make Swedish industry competitive.

Innovation Breakfast 2018

During the Affärsracet fair in Anderstorp, we held a breakfast seminar on innovation, communication and internal processes.

Innovation Dinner

In order to challenge ourselves, our customers, and our colleagues, we invited an exclusive crowd to an Innovation Dinner.

Brave New Business 2018

A site where we present news about daring ventures, innovative solutions and creative business.

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Innovation Culture 2017

A three-year project that highlights innovation issues, drives them forwards, and ensures a continued leading position in the industry.