Komete is making factories smarter with data collection

Komete has developed an IoT (Internet of Things) platform that offers manufacturing companies the ability to collect, monitor and analyse data about production processes. However, what makes Komete stand out is the short starting distance: Their technology can convert a traditional factory into a smart factory in just one day.

By using mobile sensors, Komete tracks the flow of material, orders and working hours for each specific production batch. The purpose is to collect valuable data, among other things, to reduce the lead time for production, and identify and understand where (and why) time is lost in the processing of orders.

The data is also intended to enable better production planning and optimised production programmes. With its wealth of detail, the data can help to calculate the profitability of orders and the exact cost of each individual order.

Komete’s plug-and-play solution works by connecting small devices individually to production batches and employees to generate data about their movements. Through cloud-based software, users can monitor in real-time where the orders are and how many actual working hours they require.

After the quick installation, which only takes a day, minimal manual intervention is required as the data is collected automatically – this is because the devices are directly connected to production batches or orders. The software is designed for simple and intuitive use with a focus on necessary data collection for well-founded decisions.

Komete’s story started as early as 1956 when the Italian company Coval was founded and started manufacturing cutlery. With insights into the market and today’s challenges, Komete was officially founded by Coval in 2019 to provide IT projects in the manufacturing sector. Since then, Komete has completed more than 40 software projects and identified the need for customised Industry 4.0 solutions for Italian SMEs.

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