Press release

Millions for innovation culture

Gnosjö Automatsvarvning is now launching a three-year project to elevate innovation issues and take responsibility for driving these forwards.

– We don’t want to be a subcontractor that merely adheres to what the industry says – we want to spearhead development and get involved in the customer’s challenges and development processes, as well as demonstrate that we’re serious about reaching out to the next generation of designers, engineers and purchasers,” says Linda Fransson, CEO of Gnosjö Automatsvarvning.

This initiative is based on a holistic approach to both internal process development and external customer development, and features an online platform with the potential to spark interest also nationally. Process development takes place by composing a working group consisting of existing staff and consultants.

– To safeguard our leading position in our industry, we must dare to stand out and have more of a long-term approach than just new machinery. It’s important to get help externally, but above all to highlight and analyse which skills are hiding among our employees, says Linda.

The recruitment of customer developers is one way to manage and develop existing relationships so as to better understand customer needs and streamline our partnerships.

– We want to give our customers greater added value and show them what they can get out of our co-operation beyond the actual product delivery. That’s why we’ll soon be launching an online platform to take ownership of the issue of innovation, to engage customers, and to drive the industry forwards, Linda concludes.