NaturLoop will revolutionise the manufacturing industry with coconuts

Swiss NaturLoop has developed a groundbreaking product and aims to revolutionise the manufacturing industry. Cocoboard® is a 100% bio-based panel made from coconut fibres. With it, the company is striving to be the world-leader in sustainable biocomposite technology.

According to the UN, 80% of the world’s tropical forests have disappeared. The continued destruction of tropical forests has not only escalated climate change and loss of biodiversity, but the limited supply of timber has also increased the price of raw material amid its growing demand.

All the while, there are 21 million tonnes of unused coconut fibres globally.

NaturLoop is a Swiss “cleantech and material science” company that is leading the way in sustainable innovation. One of their products is Cocoboard®, the first 100% bio-based panel with mechanical properties that exceed industrial fibreboards. Cocoboard® is made from coconut fibres and bio-based glue, resulting in a sustainable product and more income opportunities for local farming communities. The product also has a better environmental impact than commercial fibre boards and is termite-resistant. Cocoboard® has already been used as wall and ceiling panels for social housing projects in the Philippines – a very successful project according to the people there.

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Cocoboard® från NaturLoop

NaturLoop are pioneers in manufacturing natural biocomposites and have developed a patented technology for meeting the demand from the construction and furniture industry for sustainable materials. The company adopts a circular economy and sources materials close to the site of production in order to use the resources efficiently in coconut-producing countries. NaturLoop plans to open their first Cocoboard® factory to optimise the production process and meet demand.

With its innovative technology and sustainable solutions, NaturLoop has the potential to revolutionise how we think about materials and production. Cocoboard is just the beginning of their sustainability journey.

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