Replace hazardous cleaning agents and achieve lower costs

At Gnosjö Automatsvarvning, we’re continuously testing new solutions to be as sustainable as possible. We’re now trying to replace the petroleum-based solvent Brennsol with cutting oil.

“We’re doing this on a trial basis. We’ve previously cleaned our tools with Brennsol. If replacing Brennsol with cutting oil (which we reuse in the machines) works, we can reduce the purchase of oil by approximately 500 litres a year,” explains Jens Ringborg who is head of purity analyses at Gnosjö Automatsvarvning.

Brennsol also has to be destroyed after use and cannot be reused, so you then do away with that cost too.

“A side effect of washing with cutting oil is that the components get a film of oil that both lubricates and prevents corrosion. So it’s not only better for the environment and the wallet, but for the quality too.”

Contact: Jens Ringborg, Purity
Phone: +46 370-33 32 50