High-precision turning

Gnosjö Automatsvarvning has been a specialist in turning complex, high-precision components since 1974. In order to offer diameters of up to 42mm and 65mm in series of varying quantities, we work with hydromats, CNC lathes and Index MS.

We have chosen to work only with machinery of the highest quality to avoid putting our customers’ production and our own operations at risk. We also offer checks using sorting equipment that examines each component to ensure that nothing leaves the factory with any sort of defect. This machine has been specially adapted for Gnosjö Automatsvarvning and features four cameras that analyse up to 2,000 components an hour.

Our aim is for all our employees to hold CNC Technology Green Certificates. The choice to invest in quality and staff is also an important element in our sustainability efforts for a better environment – the higher the quality, the longer usable life, with fewer errors and less waste.

Hydromats: Our hydromats feature a variety of functions and are used primarily for large series with production volumes from approximately 50,000 pieces in diameters of up to 42mm. We have 18 of them in full production (January 2019).

CNC lathes: For smaller series of diameters of up to 65mm, our 18 CNC lathes (January 2019) provide optimum cost efficiency and quality.

Index MS40: A multi-spindle automatic lathe, which we developed and customised for the best possible optimisation and efficiency.