Washing to ensure purity at particle level

Highly accurate measurements are not always enough to ensure the accuracy of a component, as unwanted particles can sometimes go unnoticed. The components must therefore be washed. Although Swedish industries usually outsource such washing and checks, we see great advantages in doing this ourselves. This enables us to optimise our washing techniques and stay in control of everything we deliver. Like purity analysis and measurement, washing is another service we offer.

Custom washing processes based on requirements

Almost all components pass through an alkaline wash in our washing department where most of the oil and shavings are removed. The washing process is then adapted depending on the customer’s requirement specifications. Each component has its own washing programme with instructions for how the components should be handled before and after washing. This could include fixing components in place before washing to facilitate the washing process, a flush and rinse programme, or ultrasonic cleaning. A post-washing requirement could be particle measurement. This all helps to ensure that we satisfy our own and our customers’ requirements.