It’s all about caring

Sustainability is a broad concept that includes everything from the environment to social and economic challenges. Here at Gnosjö Automatsvarvning we value any measure, large or small, which collectively contributes to a better day-to-day life and world.

We believe that it is important for our children learn to take care of nature (we older people haven’t always been that good at it). In our view, a good environment is a prerequisite for a good society. So together with other companies in the region and the municipality of Gnosjö, we’re making sure the book “Natur och miljöboken” can be distributed free of charge to all primary and secondary schools in the municipality.

We believe that children and young people who are confident, well-educated, and who have access to equal opportunities in the surrounding area and in other countries are the key to sustainability and democracy. For this reason we regularly make financial contributions to Världens barn (Children of the World). In addition, we frequently visit schools to tell them about what we’re doing in order to encourage further education. For the same reason, we’re also involved in Industrinatten (Industrial night), where the industry invites and meets future employees by opening its doors to school pupils who are about to venture into various study and career opportunities.

TiksPac is another project whose simplicity contributes to a more pleasant environment. It’s an environmental concept where stations with free dog waste bags are installed in selected locations such as popular walking routes, in parks, on beaches and in other public places around Gnosjö Municipality.

We’re also maintaining a constant focus on energy and the environment in our own activities. Find out more about what we’re doing under “energy & environment”.


Projects we support